Flocafe Espresso Room

Flocafé Espresso Room is one of the largest coffee chains in Greece and among the top branded chains in Europe (according to ©FoodService Europe & Middle East).

Over the years it managed to set the trends in the Greek coffee market through constant investment in innovation. Flocafé Espresso Room offers its consumers the ultimate coffee experience providing superior quality products including a variety of coffee varieties  prepared  by specialized baristi according to the standards of the WBC (World Barista Championship), by introducing multiple blends as the basic material. Consumers can also choose from the catalogue, selected teas, signature beverages and snacks as well as the famous brunch  menu.

Flocafé Espresso Room has expanded to 9 countries(Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar, Kuwait and The Netherlands) with more than 100 points of sale:

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