Goody's Burger House

Goody's is the brand, which introduced burgers to the Greek audience. In 1975, the first store in Thessaloniki opened its doors to Greek consumers and since then its massive success over the last five decades allowed the brand to suppress the domestic expansion of international and local QSR chains.
Considered among the Greek “love brands”, Goody’s is well known for its unique taste footprint, high quality and constant innovation, responding quickly and successfully to evolving customer needs.

The chain currently holds the 1st place in the branded QSR market in Greece in terms of visits and consumption, ranking first in the brand awareness metrics of the whole foodservice category.
foodservice category.

It serves more than 100.000 consumers on a daily basis on premise or through delivery, while GBH stores are a hub attracting mainly the young as well as families.

Today, Goody’s Burger House operates more than 120 stores in Greece and abroad (Cyprus, North  Macedonia, Saudi Arabia & Romania), rapidly expanding in airports, motorways and vessels as well.

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